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TRK Record is a 5k training app, running companion and self-motivation tool. Use it to measure your training progress, log your workout history, and ensure you are constantly improving. I designed TRK Record, an iOS app, to alleviate the problems I had with other 5K training programs. In training for a 5k of my own, I quickly realized that there isn’t an app out there that did exactly what I wanted: track my runs and compare every run to my past attempts.

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The goals for the project were simple: visually represent runs in an appealing and engaging way, make it easy to compare each run to to previous attempts, and motivate users to continue training.

TRK Record works by comparing you to your current average every time you run. Ever played Mario Kart? Think of it as you competing against your ghost every time you work out. With each run, users are comparing their current run to their overall average in speed, distance, calories burned, and run duration. So long as every run is improving on as many of those averages as possible, users will always be improving their fitness and inching towards whatever goals have been set.

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